Are You Ready for a Fun and Budget-Friendly Fitness Journey?

Jubilee Health Insurance is levelling up your wellness and fitness journey with the “Do Anything For The Steps Campaign”. When you stay active and track of your daily steps, we reward you with fantastic discounts and cashbacks on your J-Care insurance premium.

This campaign goes beyond your fitness gain and gives you perks for healthy living on the Maisha Fiti App. From redeemable points to discounted services from our trusted health and wellness affiliated partners staying fit has never been more fun and pocket-friendly.

How It Works

All About The Campaign

Do Anything For The Steps Campaign is a MaishaFiti wellness offer that helps you live a healthier lifestyle by encouraging physical activity and fostering a vibrant community.

The campaign seeks to empower you to fit your way to wellness and pay less premium through cashback rewards for achieving daily step and / or caloric targets. The steps and calorie targets are in line with WHO recommendations for heart health. 

The Step Master Challenge is an integral part of the Do Anything For Steps Campaign. With the Step Master Challenge your completed daily, weekly, and monthly step challenges will earn you points.

Do Anything For The Steps Campaign is only open to customers who purchase a J-Care Policy from our website and agree to the Campaign’s T&Cs

    1. Log into the Jubilee Website. Select Buy Online and select J-Care.
    2. Fill out your details in the J-Care Online tab.
    3. Purchase the online policy.
    4. Confirm participation for the Do Anything for The Steps Campaign by agreeing to the T&Cs.
    5. Within 48 hours Jubilee Health will deliver your wearable device and a welcome Pack, which will include a member handbook containing details about our Wellness Programs and the Campaign, a branded water bottle, a pen and key ring.
    6. Download the MaishaFiti App, Sign Up and connect your free wearable device.
    7. Begin the Step Master Challenge. Explore the Maisha Fiti App and join challenges to gain the full experience.
    8. Complete the Daily Step Master Challenge and earn points which will be displayed in the Maisha Fiti App cumulatively.
    9. Get rewarded with quarterly cashback offers for completing the challenge.

If you already have an existing wearable device:

    • Apply the Promo Code: “DOIT4THESTEPS” during checkout to receive an instant 5% discount on your J-Care premium.
    • After applying the Promo Code, agree to the Campaign’s T&C.
    • Download the MaishaFiti App.
    • Sign Up. Connect your wearable device.
    • Begin the Step Master Challenge.
    • Complete the Daily Step Master Challenge and get rewarded with cashback offers.

For more information, please drop us a message at


By purchasing your J-Care Online cover through our website, you are eligible for a wearable device that will enable you to participate in the Step Master Challenge. 

You will earn points based on completion of the Daily Steps Master Challenge(s). You need to achieve a daily minimum of 7,500 steps to earn 3 points. The maximum points you can earn in a day is 8 points

You will receive cashback rewards that translate to up to 15% discount of the premium you paid when purchasing your policy. Cashback rewards will be distributed quarterly upon completion of the cumulative Daily Step Master Challenge.  

The following fitness apps and associated wearable devices are compatible with the MaishaFiti App:  

  1. Apple Health 
  2. Google Fit 
  3. Garmin Connect 
  4. Huawei Health  
  5. Samsung Health  

If you own any other device, download GoogleFit on Play Store and sync the MaishaFiti App to Google Fit. 

Yes, you can. You do not have to own a wearable device/smartwatch to participate in the challenge. Simply download Maisha Fiti and sync it with your in-built health App with MaishaFiti App to start tracking your steps. Google Fit is the default android fitness app; thus should work with most android phones. Apple Health is the in-built health App for IOS phones.  

You can only connect one wearable device at a time.

If you’re an existing customer, we invite to join in the Campaign by downloading the MaishaFiti App, signing up, connecting your wearable device and completing the Daily Step Master Challenge, to level up your fitness. However, existing customer are not eligible for the points and rewards associated with the Campaign.

Yes, you can access the MaishaFiti App and track your steps and workouts. Simply download the app on the App Store or Play Store and sign-up using the Guest account. 

J-Care is a comprehensive family medical insurance cover designed to offer individuals and families with the highest level of protection for health and well-being. With a wide array of benefits and affordable coverage plans, J-Care is the ideal choice for safeguarding any family’s health. 

J-Care is available for individuals from birth (term babies of 38 weeks) up to 64 years of age. 

Existing members aged 65 years and above are transitioned into our J-Seniors plan, ensuring they have coverage for life without age restrictions, subject to annual renewal. 

The MaishaFiti collects: 

  1. Your biodata (Name, age, ID number date of birth, policy details) 
  2. Your calories
  3. Your step count 
  4. Distance covered  
  5. Geographical location 

MaishaFiti Application respects your rights and privacy and is committed to protecting the information collected through the services offered. Read the privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”)  

MaishaFiti is fully compliant with local Data Protection policies. Additionally, your log in is secured via two factor authentication with error free codes, encryption, and a strong security check. To find out more, read the privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) 

Read the DO ANYTHING FOR THE STEPS CAMPAIGN Terms and Conditions