Group Life Policy is the ultimate life insurance solution that covers an entire group under a single contract, providing unparalleled protection for your team. Whether you're an employer or part of a labour organization, this policy safeguards your members in case of unfortunate demise while in service.

The insurance cover offers a lump sum pay-out, usually a multiple of the member's salary or a fixed amount, ensuring financial support for the member's family during difficult times. With flexible options, group term coverage remains effective until employment termination or the specified term ends.

Why choose Jubilee Group Life Policy for your employees?

This cost-effective solution offers a safety net for your workforce, providing financial security for their families in times of need. The peace of mind that comes with knowing their loved ones will be supported brings added morale and satisfaction among employees.
By offering this valuable life insurance benefit, you can attract and retain top talent, enhancing your employee value proposition and fostering loyalty.

Key Benefits

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