Take charge of your future today with the Personal Pension Plan. Whether retirement seems far away or you're unsure about the State Pension's sufficiency, planning and saving now will pave the path to an adventurous and worry-free retirement.
The Personal Pension Plan is a long-term investment that helps you build a secure financial future for your retirement.

Why choose Jubilee's Personal Pension Plan?
With this long-term investment, you can build a substantial retirement fund, ensuring financial security during your golden years. Our expert support will tailor the plan to suit your unique needs and financial goals.

Key Benefits

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Members at retirement may opt to draw periodic regular income up to a maximum of 15% per annum while investing the balance.

Cheque, bankers standing order, salary stop order. You may contribute monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, or annually.

Complete the application form and forward it to us together with a copy of your ID/Passport and the first contribution

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