Livestock Insurance

Livestock Insurance

An insurance policy providing coverage for losses due to the death or injury of one's livestock. It generally covers accidents, acts of God, theft etc.

What is covered?

Indemnity in respect to the insured’s livestock during the period of insurance/due to death as a result of:

1. Accidents (lightening/ internal and external injuries, windstorms, snake bites and flooding)
2. Illness and diseases of terminal nature
3. Epidemics except those arising from Rift Valley Fever or Foot and Mouth, after declaration by
4. Emergency slaughter on advice of a qualified veterinary surgeon
The cover can be extended to cover theft of animals, transit risks and calving/furrowing risks

Benefits at a glance

  • 1Cover against illnesses & diseases.
  • 2Cover against theft.
  • 3Cover against accidental deaths.
  • 424/7 Coverage.

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