Crop Insurance

Crop Insurance

Crop insurance protects a farmer against the loss of their crops due to natural disasters, such as hail, drought, floods, uncontrollable pests and theft.

What is Covered?

Physical loss or damage to growing crops directly caused by:

1. Drought
2. Uncontrolled pests and diseases
3. Hailstone Damage
4. Flooding of the crop field
5. Malicious Damage
6. Earthquakes
7. Riots and strikes
8. Explosions
9. Windstorms
10. Fire

The cover can be extended to include harvested yield being stared at the farm or any other place of
temporary storage and to apply when the crap is in transit to any recognized destination within the
Crops covered
1. Wheat, Maize, Barley Oats, Canary Seed, Millet, Sorghum and Rice among other monocotyledon
2. Peas, Beans, Canola, Kale, Mustard, lupine Sunflower, Sunflower and linseed, among other dicotyledon crops.
3. Perennial crops such as tea and coffee, groundnuts, cassava, bananas.

Benefits at a glance

  • 1Natural Disasters coverage.
  • 2Cover against theft.
  • 3Cover against fire.
  • 424/7 coverage

Farm without fear!

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