SME Health Cover

SME Health Cover

SME product targeted at small corporate, NGO and professional firms of between 7 to 19 employees.

Off the shelf product with fixed benefit and premiums. Flexible choice of 6 plans with an option of either ‘Major medical cover’ or “major medical with day to day cover”

What we offer

As an employer, you can provide your staff with a cover that provides a holistic approach to their health needs ranging of great benefits from doctors consultations, physiotherapy, operating theatre fees, diagnostic fees, hospital accommodation, Day surgery, ICU and theatre charges, Drugs, dressings, surgical appliances, pathology, laboratory and ultrasounds, overseas referral, Local Road & Air evacuation.

No matter the size of your business, we have you covered.

Benefits at a glance

  • 1Predictive pricing model
  • 2Regional presence
  • 3Flexibility and customization
  • 4A robust 24 hour call center
  • 5Hassle free payments
  • 6Wellness programs
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