If you misplace, lose or destroy your certificate, you will be required to avail a statutory declaration duly signed by a commissioner of oaths.

This being a personal contract it is not transferable to other parties. Thus, in the event of the sale of the vehicle(s), the original certificate of insurance MUST be returned to us immediately to facilitate cancellation.

All payments to Jubilee Insurance will be made through bank deposit or M-Pesa. Receipts will be issued based on confirmed M-Pesa transactions or upon presentation of the bank deposit slip.

You will be required to fill in a change of intermediary form and submit it with a copy of your National I.D.

In the event of a refund, a letter must be written submitted together with the Insured’s copy of National ID / Passport and TRA Pin.

You may cancel this policy at any time by informing us and returning the original and duplicate certificates of insurance and write a letter on the same. We will refund you the premium for the remaining period of insurance based on the applicable rates.

Payments to the clients are usually processed within 14 days after the withdrawal request has been made and all necessary documents submitted.

There are no withdrawal penalties levied on the clients.

You may terminate the contract and withdraw the fund at any time. However, the fund will be subject to the relevant taxes payable and locking-in of the benefit arising from the employer’s contributions.

In case of early retirement due to ill health or disablement the accumulated fund at the date of early retirement is payable. Interest will continue to be credited to the fund from the date of ill health or disablement to the date of actual payment.