Fanaka Plan


This is a life insurance plan that offers you multiple avenues to save and grow your money.

We all have goals in life: building a home, buying a new car, starting your own business and getting married.

Jubilee Life Insurance FANAKA Plan enables you to invest in a professionally-managed fund which will ensure you have the savings to achieve your dreams.

Our plans are flexible, each tailored to fit our clients’ individual needs.

Benefits at a glance

This is a combination of Investment and protection plan

  • 1Benefits are payable based on sum assured chosen by the client
  • 2Premiums are predetermined and fixed
  • 3Policy term varies from 5 to 20 years depending on the client’s financial plan
  • 4Premium payment can be made monthly, quarterly, semiannually or annually
  • 5Minimum sum assured is TZS 5,000,000/=
  • 6Has a 30 days free look period
  • 7More than one beneficiary can be included in this Policy
  • 8Loan eligibility varies from policy terms 5-10 years and 11-20 years. Policy offers loan after 60 months and 36 months of premium payment respectively. (Terms and Conditions Apply)
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